SmartAnalysis is the solution that transforms business data into strategic information with the objective to support decision-making activities. It allows managers to develop complex real-time reports autonomously and without the support of experts and/or specialized resources.


  • Real-time KPI analysis (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Check of the consistency or variance between forecast and budget
  • Analysis of trends with automatic reports and real-time display of: sales, sales/Costs ratio for the assessment of marginality, total of Activated/Deactivated Services with reference to the period, total of Activated/Deactivated Fees with reference to the period
  • Dynamic reports able to associate different types of data for the identification of areas with higher/lower profitability
  • OLAP reports for the evolution analysis of data relevant to customers, services and fees in different time ranges. Drill-down function for the detailed analysis of figures and data.
  • Strategic planning targeted to improve business performances.
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