SmartDigit is an innovative and revolutionary module that can be integrated with the SmartPlanner platform; it has been developed for the mass digitalization and archiving (CRM) of any type of documents.


  • It uses network scanners related to Cloud services
  • It can be used in touch screen mode
  • It is a key tool for Private Enterprises, Public Organizations and Professionals
  • SmartDigit is the best-in-class solution for the dematerialization of quotations, contracts, invoices, images, plans, etc.
  • The indexing is automatically performed and enables an easy search by labels or key words
  • The Cloud-based archiving enables to consult the document archive from anywhere
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android


  • SmartDigit enables a 95% increase in the saving on document management costs; this means an overall 25% saving in terms of overhead costs
  • 95 % saving on paper costs
  • Economies of space (90% saving) through the reduction of physical spaces dedicated to the archiving of paper documents
  • 30% economic saving on the costs of staff dedicated to the search and archiving of document
  • Higher control on data security and greater certainty of updated data
  • Uniqueness of the data repository

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