SmartSales has been developed ad hoc for the support of all operation and management requirements of sales networks and in order to monitor the performances of agents/sales representatives.Realization of structured sale offers. The Representative/Agent develops the online offer that is automatically generated and produced; it can then be printed and shared with the Customer. At the same time, offers are stored in the server and directly linked to Prospects or Customers; therefore, they can be viewed also by the Customer Care.


  • Funnel: a Funnel represents a sales and/or marketing initiative. It is made up of a set of activities carried out in sequence and it represents the pre-defined flow of a commercial relationship.
  • Activity: an Activity or, more in general, a sales and/or marketing initiative is part of a reference funnel and includes a list of Customers to be involved.
  • Price lists: the sale offer includes a basic price list of products and services that can be tailored to¬† market opportunities and conditions
  • Offers: the offers to Customers are based on Price Lists. They can be created, changed, sent to the Customer and directly stored within SmartSales.
  • Reports: it displays the results of sale activities through charts and tables that can be exported into Excel by rapidly making visible sales forecasts relevant to each sale representative/agent or sales network.
  • Commissions: the calculation of Sales Representative/Agent commissions can be managed in a fully automatic mode.


    • Automatic indexing of offers targeted to improve the search speed
    • Management of expiring contracts. For each sales representative/agent or group of representatives/agents, automatic notices can be created to notify expiring contracts and to timely propose the relevant renewal
    • The reference persons of a sale initiative can also be multiple teams of representatives/agents.
    • The system records the results of single activities and enables the final analysis in terms of successful/unsuccessful activity percentages
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