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Smartcom is one of  Digital Facility’s  four Unit


Today Smartcom is the only player on the market boasting the expertise required to realize projects in every ICT area; it is able to provide you with all what you need to have and dramatically reduce complexity, thus improving effectiveness, control, flexibility and ensuring cost optimization.

By leveraging its experience gained in the telecommunications, software development and management of complex systems, realization of farms, data centers, IT security and industrial electrical plants, Smartcom creates flexible solutions that help companies to be technologically competitive by combining in one single operator’s offering the skills and competences generally delivered by multiple providers.

Large Enterprise

Smartcom is one of the most important national Cloud Integrator.

It realizes projects and develops adaptive and flexible solutions by leveraging its technical skills and consulting expertise.

Its mission is to create solutions aimed at increasing the business of its Customers through the process innovation.

Smartcom boasts over ten-year experience in the TELCO industry, particularly in the management of complex networks (MPLS, VPN), in the realization of data centers and virtualization platforms with the most advanced security policies.

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